Frequently Asked Questions

Requests / Requester / Pal Account / Services

Unfortunately, You May Not. Only MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Games Are Allowed. MOBA Pal Reserves the Right to Remove and Delete Any Requests and Services That Are Posted Not in the MOBA Genre.

Unfortunately, You Cannot Without Purchasing the Services First. Rest Assured That We Review All Services Carefully Before Allowing Them to Appear in the ‘Services’ Page. Whenever You Feel That a Service Did Not Deliver to Expectation, Always Discuss It With the Pal First. Then, Take Steps to Resolve the Issue. If Both You and the Pal Agrees That No Steps Can Resolve The Issue, Email Us to Obtain a Refund. Kindly Note That MOBA Pal Reserves the Right to Act as Mediator and May Decide a Full or Partial Refund Depending on Amount of Work Done.

There is Only a Limited Number of Request You Can Post At Any One Time Subject to Your ProPal’s Limit. Hence, It is Recommended to Remove Any Inactive Request In Order to Post New Ones. Nonetheless, MOBA Pal Will Remove Requests from Inactive Accounts That Have Not Logged in for 60 Days Without Notice.

Yes, You Certainly Do If You Wish to Aid Requests or Post One. Nonetheless, You Do Not Need An Account for Just Browsing Around.

When You Are Logged In To Your Pal Account, Hover to Your Profile Picture in the Top Right-Hand Corner. Then, a Small Window Will Popout and You will See a Word ‘Requester’ Under Your Name. Click On It to Switch to Your Requester Account Directly Without Logging Out.

Unfortunately, Only Requesters Can Initiate a Discussion with Pals. Nonetheless, Always Craft Your Proposal Properly Detailing How You Can Aid The Request. Include Any Relevant Reference Resources Such as Photos and URL Links to Videos. Then, Submit Your Proposal to Be Reviewed By the Requester. Remember, That Only Good Proposals Get Selected! So, Plan Your Proposals Carefully!

Register for a ‘Pal’ Account. Then, Start Searching for Requests & Send Your Proposals. If You Are on a Premium & Above Plan, You Can Post Your Services Too! Any Skill Levels Are Welcome! Start Now!

Sign-Up for a ‘Requester’ Account. Then, Post Your Requests, Search for a Particular Pal, or Their Services. Then, Use the In-Game Chat to Discuss Your Requests. Thereafter, Create a New Request & Invite That Pal! A Fixed-Amount Commission is Deducted from the Final Requests Payable to the Pal. See Our Terms of Use for More Details.

Posting a Service is Reserved for Certain Holders of ProPal Subscription Only. Check The ProPal Page Once You Had Logged In Your Account for More Information.

All Services Posted Are Subjected to MOBA Pal’s Review Before It Can Appear in The ‘Services’ Page. Please Allow Us 1-3 Working Days For Our Review and Revert Back Via Email. Thereafter, Do Email Us Should You Not Hear From Us.

Searching and Posting Requests are FREE! Although There are Limitations Due to the Plans Subscribed. Log in Your Account & Check!

Requesters Have a Certain Amount of Free Requests They Can Post a Month. Likewise, Pals Can Only Submit a Number of Proposal to Requests Monthly. Sign In Your Account and Visit the ProPal Page to Check!

MOBA Pal is a ‘Family Friendly’ Website. There is No Age Requirements Regards to Signing Up for a MOBA Pal Account. Although, Please Note That There Are Specific Age Requirements to Own or Use Any Payment Services Including PayPal and Payoneer. These Age Requirements Follows That of Your Country of Residence. Therefore, Do Ensure That You Meet The Mandatory Age Requirements In Order to Use the Full Functionality of MOBA Pal.

Requests are ‘Call for Team-Up’ Posted by Requesters. Pals are Players Who Stand Ready to Assist a Requester’s Requests. While Services are Special Skills Rendered by Pals on Pro & Above Plan to Assist Other Pals and Requesters.

No Worries. You Have Unlimited Chances to Re-Submit Your Services. Moreover, When We Reply Back to You, We Provide Our Suggestions to How You Can Improve Your Services Too!

Although Posting a Request or Service is Free, Each Request/Service is a Minimum of$10. Note That In Order to Post a Service, Subscription to a Pal ProPal is Required.

Currency / Earnings / Fees / Withdrawal

Unfortunately, Nothing is Free. MOBA Pal Charges a Flat 20% Commission Rate on the Final Request and Service Amount Which Will Be Deducted Before Reimbursing the Amount In Your Earnings. That Means, You Will Only See 80% of The Request/Service Fee In Your Account After Completion. Note That The Commission Rate Is Subject to Any Prevailing Promotion.

Unfortunately, We Process Payments in PayPal and Payoneer Only. Hence, Please Consider Signing Up An Account In Order to Use MOBA Pal. For PayPal, Visit . For Payoneer, Visit .

Please Allow Us Processing of 1-3 Working Days. Thereafter, You Should Be Able to See Your Payout Amount in Your PayPal/Payoneer Accounts Respectively. Yet, PayPal/Payoneer May Withhold the Funds for Whatever Reason They Deemed Neccessary Which MOBA Pal is Not Liable and Responsible. You Will Have to Contact Them Directly In This Case.

For Ease of Transaction, MOBA Pal Will Only Transact in United States Dollars (USD). Kindly Note That Any Transaction That Requires You to Transfer Your Money From or Into Your PayPal or Payoneer Account May Be Subject to a Currency Conversion Fee Which is Chargeable By Your Payment Services Provider. MOBA Pal Does Not Perform Any Currency Conversion. Hence, We Do Not Charge or Deduct Any Conversion Fee.

For Whatever Reason Your Earnings May Not Reach The Minimum Payout Amount of $8 and You Wish to Draw Out Your Earnings, You May Do So By Emailing to Us. There Will Be An Administrative Charge of $5 Which Will Be Deducted From Your Payout Amount. Otherwise, You May Wish For Our System to Automatically Transfer the Amount to You If Your Account Had Been Inactive for 365 Days.

The Minimum is $8. With the Minimum Request/Service at $10, That Means, As Long As, You Had Finished a Request/Service, You Will Be Able to Draw Out Your Earnings To Your PayPal or Payoneer Account Already.

ProPal Subscription

Thank You for the Support. We Are Unable to Setup Recurring Subscription At this Moment. However, We Can Extend Your ProPal Subscription for Multiple Months, Payable By a One-Time Fee. Please Email Us at .

You Can Upgrade or Downgrade Your Plan Which Will Take Effect Immediately. That Means, When You Buy Any New Plan, Your Current Plan Will Be Automatically Replaced By the New One. Hence, You May Wish to Consider Using Your Current Plan Fully Or Let It Expire Before Purchasing a New One.

Proposal Credits are Used to Submit a Proposal to a Aid a Requester’s Request. Henceforth, 1 Proposal Requires 1 Credit. To Obtain More Proposal Credits, Consider Upgrading your ProPal Plan By Logging In and Visiting the ProPal Page.


The Only Way is to Keep Providing a Good Experience for Both Requesters & Pals Mutually! Never Over-sell Yourselves! Each Request/Service Have Its Own Skill Level. So, Use That to Understand the Nature Of That Request/Service. In Addition, Communicate Clearly & Timely With Your Pal/Requester to Ensure That Expectations Are Met Before Marking ‘Complete’ & Review.

Unfortunately Not! Unless the Review is Fraudulent, Which In This Case, Please Report to Us via Dispute in Your Profile Dashboard. We Will Respond Within 1-3 Working Days!

For Requests, the Requester Need to Mark the Request ‘Completed’ By Going to ‘Ongoing Request > Request Status’. Likewise, Pals Need to Mark Their Services ‘Completed’ in ‘Ongoing Services > Service Status’ in Order to Leave Review for Each Other.

MOBA Pal Takes a Serious View Into Any Communications That Results In Dealings Outside of MOBA Pal. In Such Dealings, MOBA Pal Will Be Unable to Act In Your Best Interest In Any Way Even If The Communications May Happen in MOBA Pal. Moreover, MOBA Pal Reserves the Right to Ban Such Accounts Within Reasonable Notice.